About Angie

Angie Knight has studied yoga, meditation, shamanism, and other healing arts for 20 years. She has taught over ten thousand public and private yoga classes and leads teacher trainings, mentorships, inspirational seminars, and retreats, both nationally and internationally. She has studied various yoga lineages, but her main teacher has been her own practice, personal experience and life itself. She considers herself a student of life and has learned to embrace what is happening in the moment as the ultimate guide to living. Her teaching is light hearted and fun yet she is down to earth and connects deeply with her students and life. Her teaching style is funny, empowering, inspiring, compassionate, and loving.  She teaches from a place of connection rather than authority. For years, she has supported and coached others to transform their pain into their power, trust their own inner guidance, and live an authentic life. She has a gift for combining yoga and healing to facilitate transformation in her students, helping them remember their inherent wholeness and discover what makes them come alive.