1. Can I refund or transfer my ticket?

    Refunds are available until 30 days before the event, June 27th. Transfers can be accommodated by sending an email to timetoflyevent@gmail.com

  2. Are we practicing yoga?

    Gentle yoga practices will be interspersed throughout the weekend with the intent for this to be a nourishing and healing weekend. It is helpful to get in your body to access your heart.  However, no yoga experience is necessary and all practices are optional.

  3. Do I need to bring food?

    You can bring snacks and water bottle if you want. We just ask that you don’t bring glass bottles as the floor is concrete.  Water, beverages, and snacks will also be provided throughout the weekend. We offer a catered lunch each day, but you can also go to a nearby restaurant or bring your own lunch if you prefer. The lunch is catered by Bento Picnic, a local, organic, woman-owned business. You need to fill out the order form for this when you sign up or opt out if you prefer eating out or bringing lunch.

  4. What should I bring?

    -Wear comfortable clothing with a layer that you can move around in as gentle yoga will be incorporated into the event.  

    -Bring a layer (shawl or light sweater if you get cold in A/C)

    -Water and beverages will be provided, but feel free to bring your own water bottle.  The floors are concrete so please avoid glass containers.

    -Journal and pen

    -You can bring your own yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, and 1 blanket or order a prop bundle when you purchase an event ticket and the bundle will be ready for you on the first day of the event. They are hugger mugger brand and high quality.

    -Bolster and eye pillow optional.

    -We will provide catered lunch both days, and there will be some snacks provided. However, feel free to bring your own snacks if you want.

    -Open mind and heart!

  5. Where do I park?

    We encourage you to carpool if possible. There are 25 parking spots on site. There is additional parking just south of the event off South 1st Street. It is about one block from the event. There is a sign that reads, "Vuka Parking" and the address of the parking lot is: 1619 South 1st Street Austin, TX 78704.

    There is also paid parking lot right across from the event, $10/day.

    Additional street parking is available in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood west of South 1st Street. Please avoid parking on the east side of South 1st Street where residential parking permits are required.

    If you would like to take a ride share there is a coupon for the Ride Austin rideshare, coupon code: VUKA. You receive $5 off there and $5 off back.

  6. What will the day look like? What are we doing?

    The day will consist of: mindfulness practices, gentle yoga and nourishing movement, storytelling, journaling, music, nourishing food and drinks, opportunities to connect both with yourself and others, sharing, imagination practices to help you create the life that you want, dreaming and visioning, and shamanic healing practices.

  7. Where should I stay if I’m not in Austin, Texas?

    Vuka, the event center is in a very chic area of town. There are plenty of hotels and awesome restaurants near the event center if you are coming from out of town. The address of the event is at 411 W Monroe Street, Austin ,TX 78704.

    Some hotel options are: South Congress Hotel, Hotel San Jose, JW Marriott Austin, Austin Motel, and many more. Email timetoflyevent@gmail.com if you want to discuss options.

  8. Accessibility: how will I be moving my body within the event?

    No movement is required of you. Most people will be set up on the floor on yoga mats, but we will also have chairs provided for part or all of the event. It is helpful to access the wisdom of your body and heart through moving into the body, but there are other ways as well such as mindfulness and meditation. We will of course welcome and accommodate anyone with special physical need. So, if you are in crutches, boot, or wheelchair, you will be able to participate in the experience.

  9. What ages is this event for?

    This is geared towards women 18-88, but if you are 99 and want to come, you are welcome!

  10. Will I be photographed or recorded on video?

    Angie will be filmed and photographed for the event so that we can bring this out into the world. We will not use any of your personal stories or sharing without your permission.

  11. Will there be group work?

    Yes, there will be some partner and group work. This will be an opportunity to connect, share, and receive support. Angie is gifted with creating a safe atmosphere for all, and has led group retreats for 10 years so she knows how to make it fun and safe. You always have the option to opt out of any portion if you choose. There is plenty of space outside the event room if you want to take some time for yourself.

  12. How much do I need to share about myself during the event?

    You don’t have to share anything, we just ask that you respect the women who are sharing. You might feel the desire or call to share once you are there, and if so, we welcome it. There will be opportunities to process in front of the others which can be highly beneficial for yourself and the group! But you can honor your individual wants and needs if that means abstaining from sharing.

  13. What all is included?

    -A weekend of delving deeply inside yourself & introspection, expansion, visioning, and action

    -Connection with other women

    -Snacks and beverages

    -Catered, organic lunch both days (you need to fill out the order form for this when you sign up or opt out if you prefer eating out or bringing lunch)

    -Some other local goodies :)

  14. Will we be seated on the floor the whole weekend and what if I need a chair?
    The room will be set up with rows of yoga mats so your mat will be your space to set up camp for the weekend. However, we realize that some people are not comfortable on the floor or would prefer to sit in a chair. There will be plenty of chairs set up around the room for you to sit in for part or all of the event.

  15. What is Bento Picnic?

    Bento Picnic is a local, woman owned bento shop serving healthy Japanese-inspired meals. They source a delicious selection of non-gmo + organic ingredients from local farmers and responsible purveyors, and their food never contains any added food coloring or preservatives.

  16. Do I get a discount on the event ticket if I purchase the online course?

    Yes. When you purchase the online course, you get a $55 coupon code that applies to the Time to Fly event ticket.

  17. Are kids allowed?

    We love kids! However, there is no childcare at the event. This opportunity for intense transformation and expansion is designed for adults so children would be a distraction both for your own inner work and the group at large. If you have an older teenage daughter that would benefit and wants to come, then please email Time to Fly staff at timetoflyevent@gmail.com to discuss.

  18. I have questions that aren’t addressed on the FAQs.

    Email timetoflyevent@gmail.com to talk with Time to Fly event staff about any additional questions you may have.

Vuka Collective South Austin Event Space

Vuka Collective South Austin Event Space

South 1st. Street Mural

South 1st. Street Mural