Know Yourself: Expand Your Capacity to be with Yourself and Life

This course is inspired from my own work and life experiences.  For many years, I have held space and cared for others as a yoga teacher, mother, retreat leader and spiritual guide.  I did this to the point of my own exhaustion, often feeling like I got the leftovers at the end of the day.

I realized I wanted to “drink from the well”, and I wanted to give back to myself what I was giving to others.  I wanted to fill back up and reawaken my creativity and joy! It felt inaccessible initially as my obligations were many and my spare time was small.  I learned that it doesn’t have to take much time or energy to have profound effects. Sometimes, a shift in perception can “move mountains”.

Over the next 3 weeks, with small and consistent effort, you use simple and practical tools to learn to:

  • Bring your attention and energy from the stress of your mind into the present moment

  • Tap into the inherent wisdom of your gut and body

  • Get back in touch with the WHY you are doing all the things, instead of trying to figure out the HOW’s

  • Go from fighting to flowing with Life

  • Expand your capacity to notice, feel, and value your feelings which will reawaken your creativity

Know Yourself has powerful, practical,  and easy to implement tools. Through breath, body, introspection, mindfulness practices, and journaling, you will lay the foundation for the journey home to yourself.  

I use storytelling and sharing to bring these tools to life.

I recommend taking a week for each section which would make this a 21 day course.  

However, you can do it at your own pace and can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices.

Week1: Coming Home to NOW

Week 2: Moving From Fight To Flow

Week 3: Your Feelings are VALUABLE

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