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Private Mentoring 

What’s to expect:

  • 60 minute mentoring session
  • Check-in and chat
  • Discover and unlearn your limiting beliefs
  • Try on new, expansive, and empowering ones
  • It is called "mentoring" rather than coaching because I do not tell you what to do. I guide you back to your own inner guidance
  • Step into the power of your heart and live authentically
  • Experience more joy, fulfillment, and freedom in your life!

Single session $150. Bundle 5 for $600 ($120/session).

Single session
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"1:1 Mentoring with Angie has empowered me to find my voice, set boundaries, and listen to my inner knowing. Being an introvert and empath, one on one mentoring has been a great path of discovery to growing my capacity as a yoga teacher and a healer. I am grateful for my time with Angie each week and look forward to where it takes me next year!"

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Private Yoga

What’s included:

  • 60 minute personalized yoga and support session
  • check in 
  • catered meditation and yoga based on your needs and my intuition
  • you receive support, connection, and nourishment

Single session $150. Bundle 5 for $600 ($120/session).

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Single Session
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"Truly Angie, these weekly private yoga sessions with you have gotten me through this crazy year. They have helped me so much, and I am very grateful for your support!"

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