Time to Fly Ticket

Time to Fly Ticket



Time to Fly: Rising in Love

Women’s Weekend Event

Austin, TX July 27-28, 2019

10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday

  • Do you feel like you are just getting through the day instead of creating your most fulfilled life?  

  • Does it feel like you have so many responsibilities and obligations that you get the leftovers at the end of the day?

  • Do you want to experience more joy and abundance in your work?

  • Do you feel drained or trapped in certain aspects of your relationships?

  • Does it seem like your creativity and joy have been hijacked by feelings of stress and overwhelm?

  • Do you want to remember what makes you feel alive and learn how to access it on a daily basis?

  • Do you want to live your life with courage, purpose, and joy?!

Time to Fly: Rising in Love is a weekend dedicated to helping women come home to themselves.  It will teach you how to reconnect with the inherent wisdom in your body and heart and shed the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling trapped, exhausted, or unworthy.  You will learn to grow beyond the confines of your roles and what you’ve been told is possible for you. This will allow you to expand into the most authentic, creative, and free version of yourself, which is also a returning to the innocence and essence of who you’ve always been!

Join Angie Knight, spiritual guide, mother, teacher, mentor and healer, to expand your capacity to:

  • Be with yourself and life

  • Go from flight to flow

  • Access the intelligence of your body and inner knowing and how to trust it

  • Receive Universal support and guidance

  • Make empowered choices in your life and relationships so that you will feel nourished and inspired

  • Trust, and act from your intuition

  • Listen to and prioritize your heart’s deepest desires

  • Focus less on all the “how’s” and remember WHY you are here

  • Expand through mindfulness, embodiment, yoga, sharing, journaling, imagining, dreaming, and shamanic healing

Time To Fly is a  community of inspiring women who will give you encouragement to try on new beliefs and dream your life into being. This weekend is retreat-like environment and includes a  catered lunch both days by Bento Picnic, a local organic woman-owned company.

Angie leads and facilitates a safe, loving, and inspiring space to discharge hurts, break free from mental illusions,  remember what makes you come alive, spread your wings and FLY!


Vuka Collective Event Space

411 W Monroe St, Austin TX 78704

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If you find yourself unable to attend the Time to Fly Event with Angie Knight Yoga, please alert us as soon as possible.

  • No refunds or transfers are available for no shows or cancellations within 30 days of the start of the event.

  • Transfers requests can be honored for a $25 fee

Please email timetoflyevent@gmail.com if a cancellation needs to be initiated.Please note that any applicable refunds can take up to 30-days to process.