“As Angie shared a story about how the Universe matched her expanded perception by a random person sending her money in her time of need, I had my doubts and thought, “That kind of thing happens to Angie!”

After that weekend, it became clear that my toxic job was holding me back.  A month later my boss cut my pay and that same day $5000 unexpectedly showed up.  I trusted the signs, paid off my car and found the courage to leave and start my own business.  Opportunities have shown up in abundance and I feel creative and free.”

-Angie Knight Yoga Event Attendee

Event Description:

Time to Fly: Rising in Love

Women’s Weekend Event

Austin, TX July 27-28, 2019

10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday

Time to Fly: Rising in Love is a weekend dedicated to helping women transform their pain into their power, access their intuition, and discover what makes them come alive. This event is for women who are ready to reconnect with the inherent wisdom in their bodies and hearts and shed the limiting beliefs that keep us feeling trapped, exhausted, or unworthy.  You will learn to grow beyond the confines of your roles and what you’ve been told is possible for you. Whatever phase of life you are in, this will teach and inspire you to expand into the most authentic, creative, and free version of yourself, which is also a return to the essence of who you’ve always been.

What you need to know:

Time to Fly is a weekend daytime retreat that includes a catered lunch both days by Bento Picnic. The event will be held in a beautiful, expansive space and participants will set up with yoga mats and props.  We can provide a bundle of props if you want to order when you register. We will also have chairs set up if you prefer to not to sit on the floor. No yoga experience is necessary to participate.

What to expect:

Time to Fly is led by Angie Knight, spiritual guide, mother, teacher, mentor, and healer who will bring all her gifts together to guide you on a journey home to yourself. Angie’s wisdom comes from her own personal experiences so she teaches from a place of vulnerability, humor, and connection rather than authority. Embodiment and gentle yoga will take place throughout to nourish you and help you drop from your mind into the wisdom of your body and heart.  This will be deep inner work, and it will also be nourishing and inspiring. Time To Fly is an opportunity to be part of a community of women who support each other while discovering what has been holding them back. It will give you the encouragement to try on new beliefs and inspire you to create the life that you want! Angie incorporates various healing modalities to help you come home to your innocence: mindfulness, storytelling, music, movement, journaling, imagining, dreaming, and shamanic journeying and healing practices to help you expand your capacity to:

  • Be with yourself and life

  • Go from fight to FLOW

  • TRUST and act from your intuition

  • Invoke and RECEIVE universal support and guidance

  • Set healthy boundaries to safeguard and increase your vitality

  • Make Empowered choices in your life and relationships

  • Have Your Own Back!

  • LOVE yourself and others

  • Listen to and prioritize your heart’s deepest desires

  • Increase whatever you want more of in your life

(abundance, peace, purpose, creativity, connection)

  • Remember WHY you are here

  • Return to the essence of who you’ve always been

Angie leads and facilitates a safe, loving, and inspiring space to discharge hurt, break free from constructs, remember what makes you come alive, spread your wings and fly!

How to prepare:

Free online preparation course included! In order for participants to get the most out of the weekend, Angie developed an online course to help you build the foundation from which to grow and expand.  This online course, Know Yourself, is intended to be a 3 week course for you to develop practices of mindfulness and presence.  This will help you begin to drop from your mind into the wisdom of your body and access the power and love of the present moment and your inner knowing.  This course, valued at $55, is included free with the event. You can also try the course first and then decide if you want to take the leap and come to the event.  If you purchase the course first, you will receive a coupon code for $55 off the event.


Vuka Collective Event Space

411 W Monroe St, Austin TX 78704

Investment in yourself:

$555 - Payment Plans Available!

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“What stood out to me about the event was Angie’s authenticity and courage to share stories about her own personal struggles and  process of how she untangled the cobwebs of negative belief systems that were holding her back in life.

With Angie so lovingly holding space, I was able to journey down beneath the surface layers, deep into my soul and ask the important question, what do I really want out of life and what am I waiting for?

Being a mom for 13 years, I have programmed my brain to think about everybody else’s needs before my own. After taking the workshop, I decided to “try on” putting myself first on my to-do list, something I haven’t done in years! As a result, incredible things have been happening. I started a completely new trajectory in life. I followed my curiosity and enrolled in an Herbal Studies course. My decision to follow my passion has led to new friendships, more knowledge and a deeper connection with nature and most importantly JOY! Inadvertently, the mommy responsibilities that used to feel heavy and mundane have become lighter because I feel lighter, brighter and free.”