Why Mentor with Me?

I have mentored people for 10 + years. I help you find and trust your own inner guidance system. I listen to you with care and compassion and help you use your ability to focus to move beyond limiting beliefs and create the life that you want. People have come to me most of my life with their vulnerabilities and dreams because I am emotionally safe and trustworthy. It is an honor for me to be someone’s most trusted person, and it brings me great joy to help someone discover what makes them happy and expand into that!

I see and hold you in your highest good and believe in you until you believe in yourself.

I offer you practical and daily practices that have proven true in my own life to amplify and expedite your dreams. I guide you to realize that manifesting isn’t about making things happen. It is about creating an emotional and energetic container within yourself to receive what you want. I will offer you all I know about coming into alignment with who you really are and what you really want. 

I have mentored yoga teachers, CEO’s, business executives, therapists, etc. I have helped people with a wide range of issues such as anxiety and depression, helping heal before and after surgery, stepping into prosperity, navigating personal and business relationships, deciding whether to leave a relationship or job,communication/listening skills, and going from surviving to thriving.


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Mentoring Relationship

What’s to expect:

  • 60 minute mentoring session ~ 3x per month
  • All sessions by phone
  • Check-in via email in btw sessions for feedback & wins
  • Discover and unlearn your limiting beliefs
  • Try on new, expansive, and empowering ones
  • It is called "mentoring" rather than coaching because I do not tell you what to do. I guide you back to your own inner guidance
  • Step into the power of your heart and live authentically
  • Experience more joy, fulfillment, and freedom in your life!

I am offering both 6 month and year long mentoring relationships.


6 Month Mentorship

60 minute sessions
3x a Month
Connect with Angie, take the next step.

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12 Month Mentorship

60 minute sessions
3x a Month
Connect with Angie, take the next step.

I'm Interested
"Angie is patient and gentle and strong. She alerts me when I am stepping into a blind spot and offers potential alternative ways I might look at a situation. This work has helped me to uncover and reconsider beliefs that have been hardwired but no longer serve me and, in some cases, are even holding me back. Between her retreats and mentorship, she has given me tools to replace those beliefs. As a result, this work has led me to a life with greater wisdom and strength, as well as one with greater happiness and appreciation for myself and those around me."

"Angie, I am appreciating all you have done for me this year. When I reflect over the past 6 months, it’s hard to believe the positive progress with my knee, job, overall well-being, and happiness. Please take a moment to truly feel the appreciation, thankfulness, and respect I am sending to you through these words. You have mentored me not just with healing my knee, but also my job, clients, relationships, sleep, and my life. It continues to be a wonderful journey of unexpected transitions, successes, and positive experiences. You have made a real difference in my life and for this I am forever grateful. Keep doing what you do." 

-Tammy CEO of  tech company

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"When I've felt stuck or sick or just 'off', I have gone to Angie for mentorship and healing. She helps me accept where I'm at (rather than resist it) and then helps me to find my way to a place of nourishment, growth, and trust. She doesn't tell me where to go - rather she gives me tools and practices so I might find my own way there.

 Angie listens like few others. When she reflects back to me what she heard me say (and not say), I understand myself more profoundly."