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Know, Love, Trust, and BE You!

with Angie Knight

I'm Angie Knight,

I create safe and sacred spaces for you to be with yourself + life and feel supported + inspired to listen to your own inner knowing. I help you liberate yourself from the “should’s”, discover what makes you come alive, calibrate to receive what you want, and unapologetically BE who you really are.

I have studied yoga, meditation, shamanism, and other healing arts for 20+ years. I have taught over 10,000 yoga classes, trainings, and events and have created yoga teacher training and mentoring programs to facilitate your own expansion as well as how to support others. 

Regardless of the class or training, you will unlearn the limiting beliefs that you are broken or unworthy, return to a sense of peace and okayness, and feel more empowered to be authentically YOU.



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Angie Knight Yoga at Home

A brand new Sacred Space Studio – a live virtual yoga studio with a variety of weekly classes featuring Angie and new amazing teachers!

It also includes an extensive library of classes on-demand with Angie –
a mix of flow, meditation, hatha, yin + restorative yoga – with 3 new recorded classes each month.

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Time to Fly Event

Time to Fly is a transformational weekend dedicated to helping men and women come home to themselves. It will teach you how to reconnect with the inherent wisdom in your body and heart and shed the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling incomplete, stressed, or unworthy.  You will learn to grow beyond the confines of your roles and what you’ve been told is possible for you.  Whatever phase of life you are in, this will teach and inspire you to expand into the most authentic, creative, and free version of yourself, which is also a return to your true nature and path.

November 5-6, 2022
Saturday & Sunday, 12-5pm
Location: FlowYoga Westgate
Cost: $199 $179
Early Registration until September 30th

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"Angie is one of the most honest and authentic people I know, as she seems to be unafraid to share the best and worst parts of herself at all times. Her willingness to be so vulnerable and open-hearted, in combination with her inspirational life and teachings, have made an impact on my own spiritual awakening and personal journey."

- Molly

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