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Sacred Space Virtual Studio

is a safe and sacred space for people to be with themselves, life and receive support and inspiration along the way. A live virtual yoga studio featuring various teachers, styles, levels, and classes. This is a fun way to connect with teachers and community from your home and on the go!

The offerings will guide people to come into alignment with their own body, heart, and inner guidance system. This will emanate out and create more harmonious and joyful experiences for ourselves and in the world.

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Sacred Space Studio

$10 to drop-in 

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Weekly Schedule

Wednesdays - 12:30-1:30pm All Level Flow with Angie

Meet the Teachers

Angie Knight

Angie is the creator of Angie Knight Yoga at Home and Sacred Space Studio. She has taught over ten thousand classes in the last 15 years. She has created yoga teacher training + mentoring programs, leads international retreats, and hosts inspirational events. Angie's teaching is light-hearted and fun with depth and humor interwoven together. She considers life to be her primary teacher so often shares personal stories to illustrate her teachings, which makes her relatable and authentic. She has a way of connecting you to the wisdom of your body and heart, and she teaches you how to listen to and trust your own inner guidance system. Regardless of the class or training, you leave with a sense of peace and okayness, and you feel more empowered to be YOU.

Jen Baum

Jen has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She was first drawn to yoga as an avid runner seeking the physical benefits of yoga to enhance her training. She quickly fell in love with the energizing and uplifting effects of a regular yoga practice as well as the sense of peace and mindfulness that followed her from the mat into her busy life. Jen creates a welcoming and nurturing space in her classes for you to create your own experience during practice that fosters a deep connectedness to and between body, mind, and heart. She believes that every class is a chance for you to explore and celebrate your body’s unique capabilities. She has a particular interest in Yin/Restorative Yoga for the calming, and rejuvenating benefits her students enjoy during and after their practice. Jen is graduate of Sacred Space Teacher Training and Bernie Clark’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Anytime, Anywhere

A class for every time, mood, need and style that can be taken at home or on the go! Stream from your phone, computer, and TV. 

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