Time to Fly Event

January 20 - 21, 2024
Saturday & Sunday
2-6pm at Flow Yoga Westgate

Who, Why, How?

Time to Fly is an inspirational weekend workshop for men and women who want to transform and expand in some area of their life.

For the 6th year, this weekend has been life changing for people wanting to move beyond feeling stuck, frustrated, or unworthy of what they really want in life.

Through gentle yoga, journaling, storytelling, practices to uncover and rewrite limiting beliefs, shamanic journeying, and other fun & powerful healing techniques, you will begin to walk your true path!

Join Angie Knight, spiritual guide, mother, teacher, mentor, and healing guide as she brings all her gifts together to guide you on a  journey home to yourself.  Angie’s presence is both grounding and inspiring, and she has developed the ability to help people get out of their own way and trust themselves to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

What is Time to Fly?

Time to Fly is a transformational weekend dedicated to helping men and women reconnect with the inherent wisdom in your body and heart and shed the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck, stressed, or unworthy. You will learn to grow beyond the confines of your programming to find more freedom and joy. Whatever phase of life you are in, this will teach and inspire you to expand into a more authentic, creative, and free version of yourself!

This event will be helpful for you if you:

  • Want to learn tools and practices to heal from the pain and traumas of life and return to your innate state of peace
  • Feel like you are surviving daily life but want to thrive
  • Feel like you have so many responsibilities that you get the leftovers at the end of the day
  • Struggle with feelings of unworthiness and want to feel loved, accepted, and free to be yourself
  • Want to expand in some area/s of your life
  • Feel drained or trapped in certain aspects of your relationships, work, or life
  • Want to learn how to flow downstream in life instead of trying so hard to make things happen
  • Want to feel connected to your own inner guidance system and the support and guidance of the Universe
  • Want to remember what gives you joy & makes you feel alive and learn how to access it on a daily basis!

Weekend Event Overview

Bring a journal, pen, yoga mat, water, and snacks if you want them. We will have chairs if you prefer to sit in chairs rather than on the floor. You can bring any props that make you feel comfortable, but we also have props in the studio. Wear comfortable clothing that you can gently move in.

January 20 - 21, 2024
Saturday & Sunday, 2-6pm

Location: FlowYoga Westgate
Cost: $149

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A little about Angie

For 16+ years, she has coached others to transform their pain into their power, discover what makes them come alive, and access the courage and inspiration to expand into their gifts!  Angie’s wisdom comes from her own personal experiences and life so she teaches from a place of vulnerability, humor, and connection, rather than authority. 

Five years ago, she was guided and inspired to shift the trajectory of her life and work and offer Time to Fly to help people free themselves from their conditioning and remember WHY they are here.  She has experimented with the laws of the Universe and learned and been given tools to facilitate and expedite this process. She is ready and excited to share it with whoever wants to know, love, trust, and be themselves!

Embodiment and gentle yoga will take place throughout the weekend to nourish you and help you drop from your mind into the wisdom of your body and heart.  However, no yoga experience is necessary to participate fully in this event. Angie will also combine mindfulness, storytelling, music, journaling, imagining, dreaming, and shamanic journeying and healing practices to help you expand your capacity to:

  • Be with yourself and life
  • Go from fight to FLOW
  • Access the inherent Intelligence of your body and inner knowing and how to TRUST it
  • Invoke and receive UNIVERSAL SUPPORT and GUIDANCE
  • Set healthy boundaries to safeguard and increase your vitality
  • Hold space for yourself and others
  • Make empowered choices in your life and relationships so that you will feel nourished and inspired
  • Trust and act from your inner guidance system
  • Listen to and prioritize your heart’s deepest desires
  • Practice the art of receiving and aligning with what you want in life
  • Find your JOY!

 Love, Angie


“After daring to put my dreams on paper, they almost immediately came to fruition. I have dreamt about combining my love of travel and yoga by leading retreats. I wrote about this in an exercise at the event and about a week later, I was approached to do just that! I am leading my very first yoga retreat in Costa Rica!” And now leads retreats all over the world



“My experience in Angie’s event has been truly helpful and inspiring to me and my journey. She taught me to tap into listening to my authentic self, to cut ties with what no longer serves me, and to be unapologetically me.”


“I did this weekend event with Angie Knight, and when I signed up for it, I was in a very depressed, stagnant, and dull place in my life. So I decided ahead of time I needed to shake things up and make some changes and that her event would be the catalyst. Angie did not disappoint. It was a very powerful event and it created real shifts in my life. I quit my job and started my own business, and Angie’s event was the catalyst.”

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